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Stephen Curry left the game after his injury


  • Stephen Curry
  • His injury
  • Him leaving the match
  • How did he get injured?
  • What’s up next
  • Stephen Curry

Is the famous national basketball Player. He’s a four-time NBA champion really is a very great player who was recently injured in his last match.

  •  His injury

He and his team had a match in Golden state NBA loss at Indiana where he was injured in the third quarter of the match on his left shoulder.

  •  Him leaving the match
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry

He left the match in the third quarter and was officially back down in the fourth quarter as he was immediately taken to the locker room with one of the coaches Steve announced that he was in good spirits and will be further diagnosed with an MRI to know the depth of his injury.

  •  How did he gets injured?
Stephen Curry
Image- NBC sports

Injured while he was trying to get the grip on the ball from Indiana player Jalen Smith while the pacer Drove towards the hoop, he was badly injured at the moment and held his left shoulder with his right hand.

  • What’s up next?

We are praying for his good health and hope to see him all healthy in the next match with 100% of his self-strength.

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Riya Sharma
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