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Taliban Kills 5 People at Kabul airport While Escaping Country


  • Taliban Kills 5 People at Kabul airport who is leaving from the country.
  • 5 people died in firing at the airport.
  • Many Afghans civilians lost to leave the country.
  • The US has send 6000 soliders to Kabul airport.

KABUL AIRPORT NEWS: The Taliban, fighting since 2001 to drive out foreign forces, caught Kabul after a lightning strike on Sunday, as the US-led western pulled out under a deal that asked the insurgents for their flight. In this, the promises that they don’t attack that was included in the deal.

Individuals began escaping the country when the Taliban rule returned. At present, the state of Kabul airport is extremely terrible. There is a huge crowd. A few flights have been suspended. Simultaneously, 5 people also died in firing at the airport.

On Monday, August 16, 2021, in which several people were killed, many Afghan civilians lost to leave the country but they can’t catch the C-17 cargo plane while take off. Some people are falling as the plane takes off.

Taliban fighters are utilizing sharp items to beat ladies and kids who are trying to enter Kabul airport to leave the country. The Taliban also maintains crowd control over the thousands of Afghans who wait on the road to the airport to exit. It also includes a woman and her child.

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The US has sent 6,000 soldiers to Kabul airport to empty its residents, civilians of its friends and allies from Afghanistan. After the conclusion of the ground border, a crowd of people has accumulated at the airport. He needs to leave the country by any means.

Gaurav Agarwal
Gaurav Agarwal
Gaurav Agarwal is a content writer who has a keen interest in sports, fashion, and lifestyle. He is a post-graduate in Economics and loves to listen to classic old Hindi songs and travel to new places in his leisure time.


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