Why You Need to Eat Healthily: Tips For a Nutritious Diet

Why You Need to Eat Healthily: Tips For a Nutritious Diet

Irrespective of any age group the most common problem is an unhealthy diet with the most minor consumption of nutrition.

If we do not take a proper diet with a healthy amount of nutritious food, we will suffer from many diseases, especially malnutrition.

What WHO Said

WHO also states that we must have a balanced diet and healthy food to live a long and healthy life.

So in this article, we will be providing you a healthy balanced diet chart all prepared for you, so you can carry it on in your lives.

What is Necessity:

What is Necessity:

A healthy diet must include the following in specific amounts, even access is harmful to our body, for example, iodine which is definitely essential but its excess is harmful as well.

  • The very basic diet has a combination of food which includes the following:
  • Cereals and stables include starchy root food for example potato, yam, taro, cassava, and more.
  • With that, you must intake legumes like lentils and beans
  • The next thing that we all have heard from our childhood is to eat fruits and vegetables as they provide us with various vitamins.

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When we talk about infants you definitely must feed them with br*ast milk which provides them higher immunity with colostrum which can’t be provided by any other means or artificially.

 The other thing which must be kept in mind for keeping a healthy diet as already told above is fruits and vegetables are necessary as they provide us vitamins, fibers, proteins and antioxidants and many more.

To be Taken Care of

We must also be aware of the food that we need to be careful of while eating and those include fats and oils although they help in energy formation.

But saturated fat and industrial oils are really very harmful and are the main reason for heart strokes hence intake should not be more than 30%.

Iodized salt is necessary and its deficiency does cause many diseases but it should also be not more than 5h per day and


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