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Vaccination closed again in Rajasthan: except Jaipur, Jodhpur, Sikar, Kota, and Ajmer; Vaccination expected to resume from 26 July


Vaccination closed again in Rajasthan due to a lack of vaccine stock.

Vaccination is expected to resume from 26 July in Rajasthan.

Due to the lack of vaccines in Rajasthan, that vaccination work has stopped in 28 districts. Till late evening on Friday, only around one lakh vaccines got from the central government. which has been sent to Jaipur, Sikar, Kota, Jodhpur, and Ajmer.

Due to the lack of vaccines, people are being vaccinated in Jaipur only in urban areas, that too at very few vaccine centers. The vaccine  has not even been available to rural areas, it is believed that due to lack of  Vaccine vaccination in Rajasthan will probably start back after 26th

When the Vaccine Project Director was asked in Rajasthan due to lack of vaccines. He said that due to the lack of vaccination in Rajasthan has been stopped, we expect the central government to provide vaccines to Rajasthan as soon as possible.

We had few stocks of some vaccines, so we have given it to some people where the vaccination work is going on but now we do not have the stock, we hope that the vaccine should be made available to us as soon as possible

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The Higher number of people got the vaccine in Jaipur, the least in Jaisalmer.

If we talk about district-wise in Rajasthan, so far more than 25 lakhs have been vaccinated in Jaipur, out of which people at least got one dose of vaccine and people with the second dose are approx 700000.

 And talking about Jaisalmer. approx. 3 lakh people have been vaccinated with one dose and another side 64000 people completed their vaccination it is very less.

The same thing has been said about those who apply at the lowest rate in Rajasthan, then the name comes in Jaisalmer, Pratapgarh, Sirohi, Rajsamnd and baran these states comes with lower vaccination rate in Rajasthan.

Rajasthan government has requested the central government to provide the vaccine as soon as possible so that they can promote the vaccination of vaccine in their state.

Vinay Shukla
Vinay Shukla
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