Burger- This is something which could be found in every restaurant of America. American was the first to combine slices of bread and beef into a hamburger.

Cheesecake- Another most loved dessert in the American food list. William Lawrence was the first who made this delicious creamy cheese cake.

Hot Dogs- This is a favourite food across all America which is being garnished with mustard, ketchup, onions, cheese and chilli.

Mac and Cheese- Creamy and cheesy is really a taste of America. This baked thing is America’s ultimate comfort food.

Pancakes- Most favourable American breakfast is none other than pancakes. This makes people really happy.

Chicken and Waffles- This was a genius creation by someone to combine fried chicken and waffle with butter and syrup

Cronut- Another favourite in the list. This is a fried pastry which is sugared, filled and glazed.

S’mores- Another dessert which is baked marshmallows with a layer of chocolate sandwich in it.

Chocolate Chip Cookies- Ruth Wakefield was the one who came up with the idea of these cookies in 1930s

Breakfast Sausage- American is fond of having sausages. It’s a perfect breakfast for Sunday.

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