The Billboard Music Awards 2022 were held in Las Vegas, and we were surprised to see high-profile

Celebrities in stunning outfits, from Kylie Jenner to Megan Fox, on the red carpet.

While standing with her boyfriend Travis Scott, beauty queen Kylie Jenner lit up the red carpet in a necked mesh bodycon blue gown.

Doja Cat's hottest dress code at the Billboard award presentation was a black topless high neck sided gown with gilded nipple covers,

And her golden round shape purse was also a piece of attraction to the award show.

When it comes to sizzling looks, we can't forget Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. Both were dressed in black,

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with Megan wearing a topless curve gown with gloves and MGK wearing a black suit with sparkling diamonds.

Dove Cameron opened the spotlight in a crimson transparent style gown with a deep neck created in net, looking lovely.

Ohh now it's Brazilian sensation Anitta, whose beauty were enough to melt anyone's heart,

as her pink singing gown, designed by Fendi, drew the attention of admirers

There were many more who were rocking the red carpet of Billboard Music Awards 2022

like Megan Thee, Chloe Bailey, Dixie D'Amelio, Heidi Klum, Mary J. Blige, Jazelle, and many more.