The project runway designer's most magnificent dress creations in the Met Gala The Met Gala has been hit by these designers. Theme of Gilded Glamour

The queen normani looked stunning in her black bubbling gown with the cap on her head,

And she was equally stunning in her bikini-style uppers.

Christian also wrote on his Instagram account. "No corset needed for QUEEN [Normani] tonight in bespoke

Top Unforgettable Controversial Scenarios of Met Gala all-time -

Siriano silk velvet bringing you 1875 modernised," he said beside another photo.

Alexa Chung was seen raising a ruckus in a stunning silk satin bias drape gown. Christian's design was very wonderful.

Caroline Wozniacki's blue tone gown with extra shrug on sleeves made her seem like a queen, and the bun on her head drew attention as well.

Remi Bader's black ruffle hem dress, designed by Christian, has taken Met Gala wearing to a new level.

As a professional designer, he slayed the Met Gala 2022.