Denise Welch Flaunted Her "Lumps, Bumps," and "Saggy B**bs" in a stunning photo of herself in a strapless black and white bikini.

DENISE WELCH has ignited a social media frenzy among her admirers after sharing a stunning bikini photo.

While adding those sensational picture on the social media denies welch also added that

“This week marks 9 years as an ambassador for @lighterlife.

I learned the mental tools I needed to deal with my emotional eating, which was threatening to take the place of my alcohol addiction.

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I follow the flexifasting diet for the most of the time and eat regularly the rest of the time.

I still eat all of my favourite foods, but I'm no longer controlled by them or by skewed thinking.

It's fine with me that I'm a healthy size 12/14. My 64-year-old body has served me well,

Despite the fact that the opposite is not always true. I appreciate my curves, lumps, bumps, droopy boobs, and cellulite.