1. Netscape rejection and eviction from ZIP2

When Elon Musk started a tech company named "zip 2", he had to face a lot of problems in the beginning,

Other big tech companies refused to invest in it which acted like an online telephone book. In the end, he achieved success in this.

2. Tesla's presence in India

Musk was planning to come to India with a large investment following Tesla's tremendous success, but because Tesla is a future generation vehicle,

It was not compatible with Indian transportation, so if he still invests here, it may be an unprofitable transaction for Elon.

3. In its early stages, PayPal was dubbed "the Worst Business Concept of the Year."

PayPal was formed in 1999 as security software for the Palm Pilot and other portable devices, and it was first regarded as the worst business concept of the year.

However, Elon Musk later began working on making it a digital wallet, and they quickly achieved success.

4. Elon's Controversial Statements and His Behavior

Elon Musk has always been in heated air because of his controversial statements and behavior. There was a period when he planned to sell

One of his two organizations, Space X and Tesla, owing to financial losses. It was quick, but after a while, everything was back to normal.

5. Investors fear failing SpaceX

When Elon decided to launch Space X, it was a huge decision, but because to the obstacles, everyone felt his space x plan would be a flop or fail.

However, owing to Elon's tenacity and hard work on data, he successfully launched Space X.

Elon musk owns many high-tech combines the some of the famous are as follows

Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink, Open AI, and many more

And recently Elon musk buy the most trending platform twitter in a huge amount