Everyone knows the name of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard at this time, from child to old, every person is aware of this name because,

In Hollywood's most significant divorce and defamation case, the names of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp also come.

Just days ago, Johnny Depp won the charge against Amber Heard and the long-running case took its final shape.

As a result, Amber Heard had to pay $ 1.5 billion to Johnny Depp, which he received as defamation in the victory,

But in the end, Johnny refused to take this money, due to which Amber Heard remains in the discussion, Heard's troubles increase.

She is being trolled on social media, due to which she is facing a lot of problems in her life.

Let us tell you that Amber had made a lot of progress through Aquaman and made an identity, but due to this case,

There are other things that the makers do not want to tell, due to which Amber Heard was removed from this movie Aquaman 2.

And another heroine has been signed, if the report is to be believed, it is not yet known which heroine will replace Amber,

But there is a huge loss for Heard, As well as talk about Johnny Depp, then he filed his defamation case.

After the victory, there was a huge celebration which was seen by the people all over the world, and on the other hand,

Amber Heard's problems increased one after the other, now it remains to be seen when they get rid of these troubles.

But it is still not officially finalized that Amber Heard has been removed from Aqua Man 2.