Stephen Curry has become an international celebrity as well as one of the most successful NBA players

Curry claims that it hasn't inspired him and that he has no desire to take LeBron's throne

"I'm chasing the rings, and that's all I'm doing," Stephen Curry continued

For the 2015–2017 NBA season, Curry's jersey was the most popular

Curry is one of the most well-known international athletes, according to ESPN

Her advertising has earned her a place among the world's highest-paid celebrities, according to Forbes

One of the reasons for curry's appeal is that most people are not tall enough to sink, so anyone can try

Curry has been described as "the most human of superstars," having a boyish air when he performs well in the NBA

Curry is well-known for his collaboration with "Under Armour"

Curry shoes have become a crucial determinant for their company, with the rise and fall of stock values based on success

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