Kylie Jenner, the most gorgeous girl in the world and the Kardashian family's daughter, sparked quite a sensation on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner is well-known for her hotness; recently, she posted a photo on Instagram

In which she is wearing a body tuning bra with a nipples portrait inside,

Which is exceeding all limits of hotness; in a short time, millions of likes and comments have poured

Kyle Jenner's beauty is immense; talking about her bra,

The naked bikini worn by Jenner was from Lotta Volkova x Jean Paul Gaultier bikini

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The naked bikini photoshoots you can see on her instagram account

And Kylie captioned a scorching photograph of Jean-Paul Gaultier's bikini top "free the nipple" on Instagram.

Jean Paul Gaultier continues to create unique, sexy, premium, and pricey outfits for celebrities

You may see more than one such garment on their Instagram profile.