After a three-day break, the jury in the defamation trial against Johnny Depp and Amber Heard began deliberations on Tuesday.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's lawsuit is going on in Virginia Court Johnny has sued Amber for $ 50 million.

He told that Heard's allegations have made a big difference to his future and because of defamation

Because of this Johnny ask for 50 million dollars from amber

Amber also countered and demanded 100 million dollars, making big allegations against him.

If Johnny Depp is successful in the first trial in the case against Amber, then perhaps he can get success in this case.

Now this case has taken a big turn. The seven-person jury has come to the court to discuss it and the discussion is going on.

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In a discussion with the jury on Friday, Johnny Depp's lawyers said that “give him his life back”

Because Amber's allegations have ruined the life of his client Johnny Depp, give him justice.

In their closing argument, Heard's attorneys stated that a judgment in support of Depp

will render juries "complicit" in his assault and "campaign of worldwide humiliation."

Now the case is under the high level jury and may be soon the result will be cleared