If you are fond of Maggie and coffee than its not good news for you

Because the prices of these products are being increase

Nestle and HUL provided the list of items which are going to costly

Maggi masala noodles 70gm pack will be now 12 to 14 , Maggi masala noodles 140gm pack will hiked by rs 3

My favorite morning products

White Bag

New Cricket Rules: 5th rule will change the history of cricket -

Maggi masala noodles 560gm pack will be now 96 to 105, Maggi are being hiked by 9 to 16%,

Nescafe 25 gm. will be now 80 previous it was 7, Nescafe 50 gm. will be now 150 previous it was 145

HUl hiked Bru coffee by 3to7% Tazmahal tea will be hiked by 3.7 to 5.8%

Brook bond will be 1.5 to 14% The reason of hiking prices could be petrol and diesel also