The Met Gala, the world's most famous red carpet event, takes place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and is known for its couture design.

Instead of the most gorgeous Met Gala costumes aside, now we will discuss the most useless and ugliest Met Gala dresses.

Winnie Harlow, dressed in a dramatic white little dress and wearing an odd headpiece, was unable to interest the audience.

Emma Stone is a stunning model with a wide range of styles, yet she unexpectedly appeared at a Met Gala.

A plain white shorts dress was not appropriate for a Met Gala.

Fredrik Robertson's outfit was out of this world, with no one understanding what he was wearing and also appearing uncomfortable.

Sarah Jessica Parker looked acceptable in her white black gown at the Met Gala, but it might have been better.

The sparkling golden gown worn by Chloe Bailey was not unattractive,

But there was a strange pump in her side buttock that did not match the dress.