Most Unforgettable Controversies of NBA 2022 That Shook NBA

NBA is the largest American gaming association known in the world but it has become common to have controversies in the NBA,

Every day the controversies keep happening, some of the controversies in 2022 that you should know are as follows

Due to New York's vaccine obligation at work, Kyrie's non-vaccination at the start of the season posed a problem for the Brooklyn Nets.


Ben Simmons refused to play for Philadelphia 76ers but and he had been signed for 5 years in $177,243,360 in 2019


During a heated halftime conversation following Houston's defeat to the Denver Nuggets, Kevin Porter Jr. lost his patience.


Coronavirus has become the NBA's largest concern and source of controversy.


Why "Kendrick Perkin" Said Kevin Durant Will Face Pressure Next Season

Coronavirus isolated players from one another and halted their performance, Coronavirus is also called NBA’s biggest controversy

The Arena is despised by everybody!


As the bell tolled on New Year's Eve, the Staples Center in Los Angeles changed its name to the Arena

For the first time since it opened in 1999.but Lakers fans was disappointed with this name


These are some Significant NBA Controversies That Rocked the NBA League 2022