Temporary Use of Saliva on ball banned because of covid, made permanent

If any person or animals interfere in the game, then it will be declared a dead ball by the umpire.

IPL organizers have been left with the choice to adopt this change in rules.

Mankading, will now be an official and legal runout in the game.

Another is, if a batsman cross on the catch then new batsman will take the strike.

रुबीना दिलाइक ने चलाई लोगो के दिलो पर गोलियां सबको किया पीछे 

If a player is replaced by a new one during the match, then the new will receive the sanctions or dismissals of the replacement.

It will be considered a dead ball, if baller try to out the batter before entering the delivery stride

If batsman tries to improvise it's position after baller started the runup, then upmire will take the last position to decide the wide.

Batsman can hit the ball if it lands away from the pitch, then it is fruit for batsman

If there is any unfair movement from fielding side then batsman will get extra 5 runs for that.