Opening of the second half, NBA Coach of the Year

Monty Williams was near to half-court high-fiving his players

Devin Booker scoring with finesse and Deandre Ayton scoring in the paint

Phoenix Suns beat the Dallas Mavericks 110-80 on Tuesday night

To grab a 3-2 lead in the Western Conference semi-finals

Devin Booker had 28 points and Deandre Ayton had 20

Phoenix went up 11-4 in the second half, thanks to two 3-pointers by Booker for a 61-50 lead

The Sons went on a 19-4 run to start the second half

Cam Johnson slammed it in for an 82-60 lead for the Sons

Sun took advantage of 12 Dallas turnovers to score 18 points

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