How many La Liga has Real Madrid won?

Real Madrid has won 35 titles

Why is it called Real Madrid?

It got its name Real Madrid after King Alfonso XIII granted the title of Real to the club

What was the original name of Real Madrid?

Its initial name was Madrid FC

What is Real Madrid owner name?

The franchise owner name is Florentino Eduardo Perez

Who has won more trophy between Real or Barcelona?

Real had won 34 and Barcelona had 26

Who is the King of Real Madrid?

Raul is honoured as the King of Real in 21stcentury

Real Madrid is Royal Club or not?

King Alfonso XIII granted the title of Royal to the club

Where do Real Madrid get their money from?

The franchise earn around 400 million dollar

Is Real Madrid the best team in the world?

It is known for its celebrity players

When Real Madrid was funded?

It was founded in 1902