When Yaman was just five years old, his parents Guven and Guldem Yaman divorced

Can share a home with his mother, but he mostly saw his father

On Instagram, Yaman has amassed a sizable fan base of over 9.7 million users

Yaman adores dark chocolate and has it all throughout her home

Can enjoys basketball and receives a basketball scholarship to attend college

Along with his two pals, he established a law firm in Kartal/Istanbul

Behind the camera, he is more interested in acting than directing

Yaman describes himself as a kind, courteous, amiable, and loving person in just four words

When Yaman enlisted in the military in 2020, it was required that he trim his beard and hair

For six months, he was in a committed relationship with fellow actress Bestemsu Ozdemir

Steve Harvey Foundation Conducts Mentoring Camp after 3 Years