Stephen Curry started giving to charities in 2012

For each three-pointer he makes, Curry will donate three insecticide-treated mosquito nets

Also produced for the "Nothing But Nets" campaign to fight "Malaria" by the United Nations Foundation

Curry made a speech to dignitaries during a 2015 visit to the White House as part of President Barack Obama's

Curry wore "Deah Shaddy Barakat's" sneakers in 2015

He was a casualty in the Chapek Hill shooting in 2015

For his "passion of basketball and Steph Curry," Deah Barakat was well-known

Curry gave his trophy car to the "East Oakland Youth Development Center" after receiving the MVP award in 2015

Curry shoes raised $58,100 on eBay after 113 bids, with the proceeds going to a STEM education programme

Curry's wife and he established the Eat. to Learn. Play. Foundation in Oakland, California, in 2019

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