Curry's career 3-point percentage is 43.1 percent, which is higher than the next 166 players in the NBA

Stephens has four of the NBA's five single-season 3-figure scoring totals

After one season, Curry has the best 3-point total in NBA history

After season 3-pointers, Stephens is the NBA's all-time leader (470)

With 121 points shot in the finals, he also holds the record for most career 3-pointers made

In both the regular season 3.8 and the playoffs (4.2), the average number of 3-pointers per game was 3.8.

Curry is the only player in the NBA this season who has averaged more than three 3-pointers per game

Curry made 1,529 3-pointers at home and 1,448 on the road in his career

In 13 games during the regular season, Stephen Curry has made the most 3-pointers

Draymond Green pretty much prevented Curry from shooting a 3-point

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