The best of Kardashians Khloe Kardashian & Scott Disick just participated in the famous American Reality Show

During the starting of the show Steve Harvey and Khloe Kardashian started flirting with each other

While getting seating on the couch Steve said to the khloe first that this color is so good and

The shy girl Khloe replied that "I thought, I have to wear a suit 'cause you always wear suits so like, I got to be on my Steve Harvey game today.

And Steve Harvey said that your suit is very different from mine Yeah, well

My suit is Open down to here, too and it is not getting me the same...

Khloe smiled and replied I don't think you wanted mine to be all opened all the way

Their flirting skills entertained all the audience over there soon after Steve went to another level

And said that your shoes are very fabulous and in the answer khloe smiled