Steve Harvey is well-known for his talk shows, as well as his personal foundation.

However, the words of a motivational speaker are heavier than those of a regular person.

When Steve says something that has a huge meaning and has an influence on your life, you implement it.

Steve was once interviewed and was discussing his own life experiences and dreams.

"When I do something, I'm also thinking about something else at same time" Harvey explained.

Because if I don't start multitasking, I won't be able achieve everything which I want.

He also stated that I constantly spend my time building my dreams so that when I have time, I may live them.

For me time is vital, so don't waste it on things that don't provide results.

Steve Harvey also gave a heartfelt anecdote from his life saying, "While I was filming somewhere,

I saw approximately 50 child was working there so hard. Then I thought of something for them and opened a recording studio for those children.

And to be honest the cost of building the recording studio was the same as the cost of my two suits.

Which I didn't buy, and the money used to build there studio."

The moral of the story is simple: "If you can do anything for the needy, you must do it first if you are able." Mr. Steve Harvey.