Steve Harvey is very romantic in his love life in the same way as he makes people laugh with his funny style.

According to a recent interview, he wrote a very exciting letter to his wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey.

Inside which he details everything that he has felt before his marriage, till date

This incident is of the occasion of the anniversary of both the couples, starting from the beginning, Steve wrote

"That was the first thing I told my wife that I don't know who you are but I will marry you in 1 day"

After parting ways with Marjorie, he met again in 2005, which continues till now.

Steve Harvey wrote in his letter about the moments spent with his wife Marjorie

"It was just the right fit. It's difficult to put into words. It wasn't difficult to be together.

We couldn't stop laughing. You made my day. I'm glad I made you happy.

I filled in all of your blanks. You certainly filled in all of my blanks. It didn't take me long to know you were the girl for me."

Ending his letter with very loving words, Steve wrote that even I will lost everything,

I know that you will be with me and we will make it back. This heartwarming letter from Steve is doing the rounds on the internet