TOP 10 "Steve Harvey's" Life-Changing motivational speeches Changed Millions Mindset

The great motivational speakers, Host and Actor’s quotes will change your life

1. "Do not disregard the fire that burns inside you." "Take the time to explore your gift." - Mr. Steve Harvey

2. "If you are playing any game than don’t disrespect the player. Change the entire game." - Mr. Steve Harvey

3. “Control your mindset, don't allow your mind to control you.” Mr. Steve Harvey

4. "Your dream must be greater than your fear." Mr. Steve Harvey

5. The simplest quote from Harvey is "Prayers always has a changes everything." Mr. Steve Harvey

6. Always strive to be genuine rather than artificial. Mr. Steve Harvey

7. Success is neither a miracle nor a divine gift. Think about successful or unsuccessful people if you want to be successful. Mr.  Steve Harvey

8. Faith is belief in a things that you cannot see Mr. Steve Harvey

9. Begin by mentally going through everything you have to be grateful for, not all you desire, but everything you have. Mr. Steve Harvey

10. Respect it if you can move, talk, wake up, think anything, travel anywhere, dream, and everything is a blessing for you. Mr. Steve Harvey