The king of comedy and talk shows in the United States Mr. Steve Harvey is much more than a comedian

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Could you imagine “what is the most treasured thing that Steve Harvey loves the most”?

You will be surprised to know that Steve Harvey is crazier about his cigar love than anything else

Another thing will again make you shocked that Steve has a tremendous collection of the cigars

The comedy kind is the owner of more than 10 humidors with expensive cigars near his workplace.

And also he lives in Chicago and Atlanta. Just to be in touch with smoke.

In an interview, Steve Harvey said that on the birth of his son Wynton he smoke his first cigar named "Ashton Maduro"

And also revealed that it was the best of than other cigars he used before the incident was around in 1997.

Steve also said that he smokes his cigar according to the time he has, if he has low time up to an hour then he use to prefer his "OpusX" cigar

Steve is fond of cigars and always prefers that the cigar he is using should be mild-to-medium.

And should not heat on the first smoke also the looking pattern of the cigar is one more thing that Steve prefers.

Let us tell you that Steve Harvey's all-time favorite cigar is a "Cohiba Siglo VI" and along with that Steve’s humidors are like rooms filled up with cigars.