Toni Storm Launches OnlyFans earned approx. $37021 in one day

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Toni Storm who is the former WWE star is now officially available on only fans platform.

She is 26 years old and was working with McMahon's company she left that in December 2021

Now suddenly she announced by her Instagram post and leave a link there that she is officially on “onlyfans”

In her bio she wrote that “Badass Wrestler with the Best Ass. Phat Ass Aussie. 🍑”

And Toni created some subscription plans as follow..

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And Toni created some subscription plans as follow..

1  month = $19.99 per month


3 months(10% off) = $53.97

6 months(15% off) = $101.95

12 months(20% off) = $191.90

We don't know how many people have subscribed yet but according to a report

Toni's minimum plan is $19.99 and as now she has posted only one post

And in her first post there is 1852(as of now) likes so that means she has

Earned approx. & $37021 in one day. Her fans are crazy to see her