The first is when BBC was able to convince people that spaghetti grows on tree(1957)

The second is when famous American food chain Taco Bell’s claimed that they purchased the Liberty Bell(1996)

The third was in April 1998, when Alabama legislature claimed that a resolution has been passed to change the value of pi.

It was in 1996 when Sweden Sveriges Television network told people that how to watch black &white TV in colour.

Iceberg in Sydney Harbour fooled people on April, 1978

On April 1, 1976 Well known astronomer Sir Patrick told people they could float and asked them to jump

The next is when it was pranked by NPR in 1992, where on NPR people heard that Richard Nixon was running for US President

One of the oldest prank which held in 1933, when people read that Wisconsin State Capitol Dome being collapsed due to mighty blast

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It was in 1980 when BBC claimed that historic Big Ben will convert to a digital Installation

One of the funniest prank when Sports Illustrated claimed that Sidd Finch, the mystic baseball pitcher who never existed