Michael Jackson- A beautiful hearted Jackson was an American pop singer, dancer and songwriter. He was known for his kind heart and donations.

Katy Perry- She is a talented American pop star who has won 4 Guinness world record. Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

Lady Gaga- She became a sensation from her first single called “Just Dance” which sold around 10 million copies.

Taylor Swift- She is an American pop singer and songwriter who have won 11 Grammy’s award.

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Madonna- She is an icon for other famous singers such as Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce and Britney Spears.

Britney Spears- A famous pop star born in McComb is also an Actor. She performed in television show “The Mickey Mouse Club”.

Rihanna- Her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. She was born in Barbadian in America . She is a singer who deserves to be #1.

Justin Bieber- He is a Canadian singer born on March 1, 1994. He got fame from his very first song “Baby”.

Whitney Houston- She is a guinness world record holder. Houston is one of the best selling pop artist.