Unboxing videos

Unboxing different products on YouTube is very engaging right now.

Many people can’t afford a personal trainer so providing free Fitness & health tips could be a good idea.

Fitness & Health Tips

Life Hacks

There are many YouTube channels that are making high engagement on life hack videos these are so satisfying to watch.

Food & restaurant reviews

If you are active on social media you have ever watched this kind of video once so it is a good idea.

Everyone wants to visit many places but lacks information about the place they can’t so a travel blogger can help these audiences.

Traveling Blogs

Cooking Videos

Everyone is fond of food so teaching them how to make delicious dishes can be good engaging for you

Top 10 Most Subscribes YouTube Channel

Prank Videos

If we talk about most watched videos the prank videos come on first so making a channel on prank videos can be a good idea.

Now we will talk about girls favorite category named Makeup and beauty tips By making these videos you will definitely attract female audiences.

Makeup And Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to look good but everyone doesn’t have Fashion & styling knowledge So giving knowledge can grab viewers.

Fashion & Styling Tips

Gaming Videos

The new generation is now getting addicted to games YouTube has huge viewers about gaming so try to make a gaming channel if you are interested.