Jerry Seinfeld- He is an American Actor who holds the net worth of $1 billion which makes him the richest actor.

Dwayne Johnson- Dwayne was a professional wrestler turned as an Actor. He is second in list with net worth of $800 million.

Tom Cruise- He is one of the richest and loved actor with net worth of around $600 million.

Adam Sandler- He is a very successful actor and known for his comedy movies. He stands at position 4thwith net worth of $450 million.

Arnold Schwarzenegger- One of the most inspiring personality and famous bodybuilder with net worth of around $430 million

Top 10 Greatest American Pop Stars Of All Time

Jack Nicholson- He is very fine actor from the past 60 years in Hollywood. His total net worth is around $410 million.

Tom Hanks-Another in the list is Tom Hanks. He has a whopping wealth of $400 million in current date.

Keanu Reeves- He is known to be very versatile and humble actor. He is in the list because of his $395 estimated wealth.

Will Smith- He is a well known actor from Men In Black. He has won 4 grammy awards. His net worth is $360 million.

Robert Downey Jr.- He is one of the most fashionable and handsome actor in Hollywood. His net worth is around $320 million.