Landon Donovan- He is a six time MLS cup winner and holds the worthy record highest no. of goals in his MLS career(136).

Clint Dempsey-Clint’s record and name speak itself. He played three FIFA World cups and scored in every cups.

Brad Friedel- Brad was named as “The Human Wall” for his magnificent performance in the 2002 World Cup. He had very good reflexes which benefitted his team.

Tim Howard-  His name came into limelight when he saved 15 goals against Belgium. This led him to set the world record in 2014 world cup.

Brain Mcbride- He is a well known and legendary American footballer. He adds himself in the list of highest scoring players for the country.

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Eddie Pope- One remembering the greatest defender, then how Eddie would not be there. He played the important role in 1998, 2002 and 2006 world cup.

Christian Pulisic- He has been nicknamed as “Captain America”. He adds value to his name when he was picked by Chelsea for $73 million.

Michael Bradley- He is one of the few player who had most appearance in Europe. He is the third highest capped player of America.

Tab Ramos- Tab’s ability and skills led him gain the position in top 10 list. His ability to set up his team was one of the few.

Cobi Jones- He became famous with LA Galaxy and he is the most capped player of United States National team