Chicago Bulls- This team is regarded as the greatest and best team in NBA history. The team got famous in 1995-96 NBA season.

Los Angeles Lakers- In 1986-87 NBA season they fought against their main rival Boston Celtics and were the winner of that season.

Boston Celtics- Not a doubt, the 3rd position must go to Boston Celtics with their terrific win in 1985-86 NBA season.

Los Angeles Lakers- In 1971-72 NBA season the champion team Los Angeles defeated New York Knicks.

Detroit Pistons- The team is the most hated team of NBA because of their physical style of play. They were the winner of 1988-89 NBA season.

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Chicago bulls- The team was the most dominant team of 90’s. They won their another title of NBA in 1996-97.

Milwaukee Bucks- Robertson was the key player for the team and during the end of his career he got chance to win the title in 1970-71.

Philadelphia 76ers- The team defeated the most challenging team of the year Los Angeles Lakers to win their first title in 1982-83.

Chicago Bulls- Most promising and dominating team coming three times in a row stamped themselves in the list after winning title in 1991-92 again.

Boston Celtics- After Chicago Bulls, Boston is another team to be most dominated towards their game.