Curry began his professional career in 2009 while sporting the Nike brand. He then switched to Under Armour

Curry now signs a deal to represent a shoe brand as a brand ambassador

The footwear Curry wore in 2015 as he made his way to his first NBA championship

Curry 2 from Under Armour wasn't that different from the original Curry model

Before the third generation of the shoes debuted in stores, the UA Curry 2.5 was released in April 2016

The original Curry 1 shoe has reportedly undergone one more iteration, the Curry 3

As a transitional pair between the designs of the Curry 3Zer0 Curry 3 and 4, and in between

Curry debuted the Curry 4 shoe, which has a speed plate, in the 2017 NBA Finals

The UA Curry 5 makes use of innovative technology, the Antifoam containment zone, to keep the foot in place

With the "Fox Theater" Curry 6, which was released to stores in 2019, UA Curry paid homage to his roots in Oakland, California

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