The cause of death of famous actor Moses J. Moseley who was known for "Walking Dead" has been revealed.

The actor was found dead two months ago in Stockbridge, Georgia.

The death certificate got by TMZ, he was died the wound on his head by gunshot.

As per official reports, it is still not declared that his death was suicide or an accident

According to the report, Moses was found dead on Jan. 26 at age 31 in Stockbridge, Georgia.

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His sister, Teera Kimbro, reported to TMZ that she believe he was kidnapped and then killed.

Moses was a famous actor as he did a great role in The Walking Dead in 2012 and 2015.

“ Moses was the live-in the heart of his fans, He is deeply missed by all of us.

We are still in shock that he is gone," his representative said by his manager.”