Ask Steve is a well-known American talk show presented by the handsome Steve Harvey.

And on the show, he always attempts to give the audience advice on their difficulties that they ask Steve about.

We're talking about the moment in the show where an adolescent girl showed up.

She explained her situation to Steve, saying, "I've been in a relationship with my partner for almost 4 years."

And I believe he should propose to me, but if he doesn't, I designed a poster for him.

To imply to him that he should propose to me, so that I may reveal it to him

"Will you just propose already?" was written on the poster. Steve was stunned and approached the girl.

And seatback with her about her poster, saying I think it's insane and maybe humorous, and also advising her to do that

"Hey, I like a man and I'd like to take things to the next level with him, and I need you to make me happy since you always make me happy."

And please don't try to hold this goofy poster; it's not a good idea, Steve said.