When in the NBA today ESPN studio all the commentator were discussing about the game then Malika Andrews asked that

Let's focus on his play and give me one player perk not named Zion that you think is going to be under the most pressure to deliver next year

Kendrick Perkin replied with a long statement & said that his name is Kevin Durant, Kevin Durant is going to be under the most pressure next year

Especially if the golden state warriors go on to win the title listen he decided and it was his decision to leave golden state

Golden state has reached the finals replaced him with Andre wiggins and hasn't lost the beat when healthy

Now kd the performance that he had in this postseason against the Boston celtics was horrible he is going to have the most pressure

All eyes is going to be on him and what he does with this Brooklyn nest organization and how far he could go

Because at the end of the day we understand that he's a two-time MVP a two-time finals MVP

But still in all we want to see if Kevin Durant could lead the team by himself and get it done

But Richard Jefferson was not agreed with Kendrick and he said that “i think the one player for me is Anthony Davis

And the reason why is when i look at all the players when they asked us this question i was like “what player can change the league and how the league is moving”

If Anthony Davis when he left the bubble it was he's a top five player and we need to see how long it's going to take for him to become the best player in the league since then

Gianni’s has surpassed him Joel embiid has surpassed him jokic has surpassed him and the Lakers have just regressed every single year

So if Anthony Davis and we know he's not this mean overly aggressive player but we need to see the aggressive version of Anthony Davis this year

Because that's the lakers the lakers are ready to hand him the keys to one of the most stories franchises in all of sports as long as

He shows up and delivers so to me there's no player out there that if everyone's looking at because the last two years for the lakers and for anthony Davis have been sad to say the least