The king Richard man "Will smith" always being open to his s*xual life to all

As we all know, Will Smith revealed his s*xual fantasies in an interview a few days ago

And he also revealed that his s*xual fantasy is against other women and celebrities over there

Which he always tries to dream about, but his wife Jada Pinkett Smith had no problem

With him having s*xual fantasies about other women. But, due of Jada Pickett’s condition,

That the women he thinks about she should not know Will Smith claimed in an interview that

“Will Smith” Asked His Wife to Jump Off The Plane 

"If I know a lady intimately and I think about her, then I have to leave her" because of Jada's condition.

As we all know, Will Smith's career has been negatively affected as a result of an incident at the Oscars

A few days ago when he slap the anchor Chris, which had a significant impact on his career

And has had a significant influence on their marital life. Will Smith is quite concerned about all of this.

According to some reports Disney planning to replace will smith from Aladdin 2

And could be hire Dwayne Johnson for the genie role but it is not officially confirmed