10 Weird Foods In The USA You Need To Try

10 Weird Foods In The USA You Need To Try


Have you ever tried an Oreo fritter? Or, have you tasted the crazy combination of carrots with mustard?

The article is full of amazing weird food categories which will shock you.

TikTok has surged the world with weird food combos. More and more food bloggers are seen trying strange food pairings. The weirdness of a food item depends on people’s tastes and preferences. A dish might be absurd for one but yummy for another. Take durian, for example, my mom loves it and all of us HATE IT! Similarly, every region of the world has some food that is peculiar to that particular cuisine but alien to another.

While we’re on the topic of weird food combinations, the USA has some of the most uncommon food that people don’t usually eat. Here is a list of the top 10 weird foods in the USA that you need to try once in your lifetime.

10 Weirdest Foods Of The USA That You Must Try Once In Your Lifetime

1.    Pickled Pig Feet


Yes, you read it right. It is what it is. It’s the same feet the pig used to walk around. As much as a weird food may sound, it is not much strange in the USA.

The pig’s feet are smoked and salted and brined in vinegar. They’re sold in canned jars and are often served as a side dish with a meaty snack or meal. It is quite popular among the folks of the South of the USA. Weird or not, it is certainly a strange food type.

2.    Scrapple


You must know that people eat many pig parts like ham, bacon, shoulder, collarbone, legs, etc. After consuming all the major parts of a pig, the left-out parts like the tongue, skin, brain, heart, and ear are all ground up with garlic, spices, buckwheat flour, and cornmeal. Then it is kept on slow cooking. After the meat gets cooked, it is frozen in loaf trays for later use.

It is quite famous among the people of the USA and is not considered a strange food. The whole concept behind this type of food is preservation.

3.    Moose Nose Jelly

Moose Nose Jelly

As gross as it might sound, it is one of the weirdest food present in the USA. Often considered a delicacy in Alaska, the moose nose jelly has the moose’s upper jawbone as the main ingredient.

The upper jawbone is boiled and chilled to get rid of moose hair. Once it is chilled, it is again cooked with onion, garlic, vinegar, and spices. It is simmered until the meat turns tender and is then left overnight. After 8-9 hours of sitting still, the meat is removed from the mix. The onion, garlic, and spices are turned into a broth by adding water. The separated meat is added back to the broth. This mix is cooled down till it forms a jelly. Sounds gross? Well, it is loved by the people of Alaska and is eaten as a snack.

4.    Deep Fried Butter

Deep Fried Butter

The USA and deep-fried food are synonymous with each other. Be it ice cream, chocolate, hot dogs, or a whole burger, peeps can fry anything and everything.

But this deep-fried obsession has reached another level of weird food with deep-fried butter. Yes, you heard it right! Long frozen sticks or balls of butter are coated in a mix of all-purpose flour and egg and are sizzled in a hot oil pan. For the finishing touch, it is topped with powdered sugar and chocolate sauce.

5.    Koolickels


This might not be a strange food if you like Kool-Aid and pickles. Or, it might be. I don’t know!

Next on the list of weirdest USA foods is Koolickles. Yes, it is a combination product of Kool-Aid and pickles. The pickles are left in the Kool-Aid till it turns red. The pickles all soak up the Kool-Aid and taste a weird salt and sugar. It is food up your alley if you like a salty and sugary combination.

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6.    Gator Tail

Gator Tail

If you couldn’t read it right let me help you with this. It is the Gator tail popularly known as Alligator Tail. Now, this is some weird food thing.

Florida=alligators. Alligators=Florida. To make this equation more interesting, a fried alligator’s tail is added to it. It is incredibly loved by the people of Florida. People there often equate it to fried chicken, but I’d like to strongly disagree.

7.    Garbage Plate

Garbage Plate

It is, what it sounds. If you’re coming to the state of New York you’ll the Garbage Plates being sold everywhere. It is a plate full of layers of strange food combinations.

There is a layer of macaroni, potatoes or fries, minced beef or any other meat, and cheese. It is topped off with melted cheese, mustard sauce, horseradish sauce, etc., and is often eaten with a slice of bread or cheeseburgers. It is a popular hangover food and is also loved by the New York people as a midnight snack.

8.    Turducken



Although it might sound like a weird food but is loved a lot by the folks of New Orleans. A deboned chicken is stuffed inside a deboned duck, which is then placed inside a turkey. It is the whole mathematics of food. Both the chicken and duck are roasted before putting them in the turkey. This heavy and filling dish is everything you need for a big family get-together. It is specifically common to have it during Thanksgiving.

9.    Chaudin


Chaudin is a Louisianian dish. It is a sausage made by sewing meat into the pig’s stomach and it is then cooked in a Dutch oven.

The filling of the sausage is made of ground pork. It is cooked in a gravy of onions, bell peppers, celery, and broth/wine. It is sliced and served with rice. However, some communities also place the whole stomach on the serving plate. At the end of the end, it can sound like strange food to some people. It’s stomach on the plate.

10. Watergate Salad

Watergate Salad

First, let’s start with the various names of this unique yet weird food in the United States of America. Watergate salad is also called Shut the Gate salad, pistachio delight, green stuff, green fluff, and green goop.

Now the most important talk, watergate salad is NOT a salad, it is a DESSERT.

Yes. Trust me!

Watergate salad is an infamous dessert in Upper Midwest. It is a concoction of crushed pineapple, cool whip, chopped walnuts, and pistachio instant pudding. At first, the recipe for this salad cum dessert was made without marshmallows. The recipe evolved and Watergate salad transformed into a dessert salad.


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