What Is Kerala Lottery Result Chart: Should You Play Or Not

What Is Kerala Lottery Result Chart: Should You Play Or Not

What Is Kerala Lottery Chart?

Kerala Lottery is an initiative by the Kerala government that was set up in past 1976. It is a first-of-its-kind organization.

The revenue generated from these lotteries was seen as a significant source of state income. As a result of this, the Government decided to set up a state lottery organization. The Finance Minister, P.K. Kunj, had previous experience in conducting lotteries. The organization was set up, especially with the primary motive of providing employment opportunities and adding more to government finance. The idea became a hit and some other states also adopted this policy.

The department now has over 500 employees with 14 district offices, 1 regional deputy directorate, and 21 sub-lottery offices.

The Kerala lottery weekly chart has 7 lotteries in a week. The Kerala lottery monthly chart offers a draw each month.

What Are The Features Of The Kerala Lottery?

Below is the list of Kerala lottery chart features

  • There are 7 lotteries for each day of the week.
  • The lottery is conducted by the Kerala government at 3:00 p.m.
  • There are some Bumper Lotteries as well.  these are issued during some special occasions like Christmas, Vishu, etc.
  • The lottery draw and the results are published on the same day.
  • The lottery scheme of Kerala has supported many welfare opportunities and has helped over 27,000 citizens.

How Many Lotteries Does Kerala Lottery Offer?

How Many Lotteries Does Kerala Lottery Offer?
How Many Lotteries Does Kerala Lottery Offer?

The Kerala lottery is different from the other lotteries of the country in terms of welfare activities. The revenue from the lotteries is used for the upliftment of society, people look forward to 3:00 p.m. every day to know what their lottery holds for the future.

The Kerala Lottery weekly chart office 7 different lotteries for each day of the week. These are called Win-Win, Sthree Sakthi, Akshaya, Karunya Plus, Nirmal, Karunya, and Fifty-fifty.

The state also has Kerala lottery monthly chart. It is issued in the months of different festivals.  The popular bumper lotteries are Christmas bumper, Summer bumper, Vishu bumper, Monsoon bumper, Thiruvonam bumper, and Pooja bumper.

Complete Guide To Kerala Lottery

The users have lots of questions related to the Kerala Lottery. Here are the answers to the top questions answered for you.

Result Chart

Kerala lottery results come on a daily basis. The results of these are declared by 3:00 PM.

– Laws of Lottery To Keep In Mind

- Laws of Lottery To Keep In Mind
– Laws of Lottery To Keep In Mind

The State Government is in control of the lotteries of their state.

Only 13 states allow lotteries. The states where there is no restriction on lotteries are-

1.         Arunachal Pradesh

2.         Meghalaya

3.         Goa

4.         Maharashtra

5.         Madhya Pradesh

6.         Punjab

7.         Kerala

8.         West Bengal

9.         Manipur

10.       Sikkim

11.       Mizoram

12.       Nagaland

There are state boards that control the lotteries in every state.

The states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have placed a complete ban on the lotteries.

– Is Kerala Lottery Fake or Real?

The Kerala government was the first of its kind to introduce a lottery platform for the public. These lotteries are organized by the department which functions under Kerala State Lottery Department. And, the awaited results are published in the Kerala Government Gazette.


In India, there are strong rules against the lottery in India. The above information provided is derived from the information available on the Internet. A lottery is a game of chance rather than skill. Play at your responsibility.

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