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Whatsapp launching New Feature Will Helpful For Every User: Check It Now


  • Whatsapp coming with a new feature picture in picture mode will help users.
  • Picture in Picture mode allows the user to watch Instagram, Facebook, youtube videos during the chat.

WhatsApp is a very big social media platform popular in the world, WhatsApp is recently testing a new service in which the user will be much easier to do multitask, this feature is coming very soon.

The feature is about Picture-in-Picture Video Mode WhatsApp is updating this feature.

After the introduction of this feature, it will be very easy for the user to chat as well as watch and control videos on WhatsApp.

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New Update In The Picture In Picture Mode

There have been some problems in the beta version of What Sapp’s picture in picture mode in the past, in which when we are watching the video, the video size is not matching it, which is being tested and trying to improve them before launching.

About Picture In Picture Mode

Inside picture and picture mode, you can watch videos of WhatsApp Facebook Instagram YouTube during chatting with any user on WhatsApp, in which you do not have to close the window, you can also watch videos while talking on WhatsApp, this is picture and picture mode. right now Till now, it is only available for Android and soon it will come for iOS also.

Vinay Shukla
Vinay Shukla
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