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Why Gary Busey Says Nothing Happened

William Gary Busey is an American actor. He was born on June 29 1944 and is famous for his buddy holly the story of 1978 role.
His wife Judy Hulkenberg gave birth to their son “jake” at 19 71and they both divorced each other when jake was 19 years old. He also has a daughter named Alectra from his relationship with stunt coordinator Tracy Hutchinson in 1994.
Later he and his girlfriend Steffanie Sampson welcomed their first child in 2010 named Luke.
coming to the age of 78 of which at the start he began with other drummers in the rubber band. And made his film debut with a supporting role in Michael Cimino’s buddy action caper.
On August 19, 2022, Busey was charged with Three sexual offenses, and one count of harassment at monster mania Con In Cherry Hill., New Jersey. And was arrested for the same.

the police claimed that they had received many complaints about him about his conduct and contact office inappropriately Touching his fans.
On Monday he informed TMZ that nothing happened between him and the two women of whom he was accused of and he was not sorry for his actions at the convention.

He also informed that the two girls took less than 10 seconds and then left.
One of the paparazzi also spotted him pulling down his pants at a public park in California on Sunday which is the very next day after his accusation and it is said that it is not the first time he has done something like this in public.

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