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Why Music is Important In Our Life, How We Feel It.

Why Music is Important In Our Life, How We Feel It.

if you will Ask anyone that tells me the importance of music in their life and you will get a very common answer from them and that is, music has a deep connection with their mood and life.

Music for us is something straight from heaven and also a gift from God. If we talk about its specific definition then it is harmony sound that feels pleasant to our ears and we love to hear it is referred to as music.

Why is music important in our life?

We all agree on the point that music is definitely important here we will be talking about the reasons to prove the importance of music

  • Removes anxiety if you are under the anxiety then the music is really effective and might reduce your anxiety to even zero
  • Blood pressure as per researchers music can also soothe your blood pressure.
  • Heart rate can also be directly influenced by music and can be calmed down during panic attacks.

Biological importance of music

Now some of you might argue about all the above-stated facts to be mind made and it’s just what we think.

And also we do not have any solid scientific proof that music affects us biologically. So now I will be stating the biological effects and facts that music has on our bodies-

  • According to scientists music to our brain is like a mood booster for us.
  • Scientists have discovered the Mozart effect on our brains due to music.
  • Stimulation of physical movement of the brain also occurred.
  • Activates various regions of the brain that cannot be awakened only by music.

How Music Makes You Happy and Sad

How music makes you happy and sad

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Music has a direct effect on your feelings and can influence your mood.

Like when listening to a sad song your mood automatically changes to a gloomy and sad one.

 Sometimes it is vice versa as well and your gloomy mood changes to a really happy and cheerful one.

  • Music has its effect on your hormones and those hormones are responsible for your mood change.
  • Music also has the power to calm our nerves down and make us relax even in the most panicky situation.

Songs in our life is used from even at the start of the day to the end of it as well. You just need to look around yourself in a good mood in search of music

Music is exactly like God, whom you can look up to in the darkest situations of your life. And with that, it is almost everywhere you will look for it. You will find music everywhere,

be it the peaceful Breeze in the environment o



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