Why You Should Be Eating More Carbs? Needs & Effects on Your Body

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We are in a period when what we are most concerned about is our health. After facing such a chaotic pandemic like COVID we are already disturbed mentally.

We have our health as our priority and so we are opting for many things to make ourselves strong and healthy.

In those things, we are opting for a nutritious diet plan and healthy eating habits. We want our immune systems to be really strong to face these kinds of pandemics.

What Are Carbs?

Talking about its chemical way it is the composition of Carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Here the hydrogen and oxygen are in the ratio of 2:1 which is of a water molecule.

When we are talking about carbohydrates as a food source then you can get them as the simpler components of food and drink that we intake which also include proteins and fats.

Carbohydrates burn to produce energy that is used by our body to do activities and keep us working.

Carbohydrates are of three types and that are starch, sugar, and fibers.

Why Do You Need Carbohydrates?

Why do you need carbohydrates?

Since carbohydrates are necessary for our body, is not just the statement that we need to prove the necessity of carbohydrates so here we go with the basic reasons-

  • is directly produced by burning carbohydrates as it is one of the three components of energy production.
  • one of the most important things in your body is fiber and its direct functioning in your digestive system.
  • are increased by carbohydrates that also help in the communication of the gut and brain.
  • which is a functional reason for the mood in your body is secreted by carbohydrates.

What Are The 3 Most Important Carbohydrates?

As we have informed you earlier in this article the three important carbohydrates are starch, sugar, and fibers.

But till now we only named these carbohydrates, now we will dig a little more into this topic-

What are the 3 most important carbohydrates?

Starch- those carbohydrates that are complex and take a longer time to be burned to produce energy are called starch these include- beans, legumes, fruits, whole grains, and Vegetables.

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Sugar- the carbohydrates that are really easy to break into simpler substances and are easily digested are called sugars.

There are mainly two types of sugars they are naturally occurring sugar that is found in milk and fruits. Then the other is added sugars that are found in sweets like candies and chocolates.

Fibers– another type of carbohydrate is fibers and this is found in all plant-based food items like fruits, vegetables, and whole grain products that do have fibers in them.


1. Who needs more carbohydrates and why?

Ans: Usually, men need more carbohydrates than women. But now in this competitive world and especially when we talk about equal rights and equal responsibility in every kind of work we need an equal amount of energy as well.

2. Can you live without carbs?

Ans: No, we cannot leave without carbs and if we are deprived of carbs for a long time our bodies will get weaker and weaker leading to even death.

3. Will I gain weight if I eat more carbs?

Ans: Although carbs are necessary a healthy human needs only 1500-2000 calories per day only, and more than that can lead to being overweight.

4. What happens to excess carbohydrates in the body?

Ans: When our body is provided with extra carbs than needed to perform the work, it starts accumulating in the form of fats and is stored in fat cells and the liver.


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